About us



An Interview with Dreamy London's founder

What was it like when you first launched Dreamy London?

I first launched our business in March 2021, I was a 'one-man-band' kinda business woman, as well as being a mother, homemaker, cheeky pup owner & generally juggling our crazy life. It was hard! I even think I have a photo of my (then) two year old climbing on my head whilst I packed a customer order [laughs]

Why did you start a Jewellery business?

It was my Auntie! She's a fashion and jewellery designer. Throughout my entire childhood she always inspired me to be myself (a creative). After long hours of talking about my dreams, they soon turned into plans and the rest is - well you can see! [laughs]

From when I left school I did so many different courses (Interior design, Arts and design and even Law & Business.) All of this has kind of combined into Dreamy London. I always think everything happens for a reason

Do you design the jewellery yourself?

It's a mixture! I have designed a number of our rings, I find the process so exciting. It starts with a sketch to getting the moulds made and then seeing it come to life! It's probably my favourite part of running the business.

On the other hand, our manufacturer also recommends popular designs that they''ve already made so we also stock those too!